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A large, fat woman who often smells of fish and cheap perfume due to her inability to properly wash herself and her use of in expensive scents to cover up the odors. Often goes through cycles of over eating and dieting with little results. A female hippopotogut.
Trying to get around the waddlecow on the stairs proved to be a fruitless exercise. Instead I was stuck behind her as she slowly lumbered up the stairs. Despite being up wind of her, her odor was near lethal.
#fat #obese #unsightly #grotesque #gluton
by Budsperson August 03, 2010
A large, portly man that often omits foul odors due to an inabilitly to wash and dry all skin folds. Often smells like cheese and feces. A male waddlecow.
The unsightly hot dog eating hippopotogut was over flowing into my seat making my ballgame a horrific experience
#fat #obese #grotesque #gluton #unsightly
by Budsperson August 03, 2010
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