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A Bubzyboo is a unique 'one of a kind' breed of female homosapien; researchers and enthusiasts believe that only one exists on earth.
A Bubzyboo is unique because of her weather reflecting emotion capabilities. E.g. when she is upset, angry, depressed or troubled the weather is cloudy and gloomy. When she is happy, cheerful or ecstatic the weather is clear, sunny and pleasant.
Characteristics of a Bubzyboo includes very poor sight, very hyperactive, uncontrollable and wild
often when under the influence of illicit substances including alcohol.
A Bubzyboo can be sighted in and around Sydney in a Bubzymobile.

W O T bubzyboo?
where's the ink-drays ad-lays?
oh wellz.
by Buddies March 22, 2008
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