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The accepted scientific Genus of a group of flowering plants that have been historically used for hemp (textile fiber, food, oils) and for ingestion (physical effects for recreation, medicine, and spiritual usage), depending on the species. It is a dioecious plant (having two individual sexes) where most plant species have both male and female characteristic organs on the each individual organism.

In hemp form, it is one of the most useful substances known to man.
In ingestible form, it is a highly useful form of medicine, a historically important spiritual plant, and a commonly used recreation substance.

Nicknames for the ingestible substance Cannabis have been around since its discovery and have been growing in numbers ever since.

Some include:
The ace, the airplane, the ackrite, the bang, the baby, the best, the beasters, the Bob Marley, the buddha, the big green, the bionic, the blaze, the bomb, the bud, the buds, the boom, the broccoli, the doobage, the doja, the dro, that cali, the cess, the chronic, the cheeba, the cheech, the chong, the cure, the dank, the easy, the flower, the gangster, the ganja, the grass, the green, the green goddess, a haystack, some hay, the hash, the herbage, the herb, the hydro, the indian hemp, the jive, the kind, the kryptonite, the lovely, that Mary Jane, marijuana, the medicine, those nugs, the plant, pot, that piff, some puff, the reefer, the remedy, the salad, the shit, the sensi, the sensimilla, the sticky icky, the stuff, that sweet lucy, the trees, the vibe, the wacky tobaccy.

We puffed that buddha, and just kicked it.

You wanna burn some hay?

I got that kryptonite!
by BuddhaLova May 02, 2009

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