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the continuous flu where your pockets are always Broke.
wuttup dawg, i wanna go to the brassmunk concert but i got the "white flava", lend me 10 bones please?

friend: get a job chump... leave me alone.. had a hard day at WORK today... going to take a nap =P
by buddha April 07, 2003
Sticking any thing up your nose.
Get the mirror, time for sniff difflers
by Buddha March 17, 2003
Idiot gamer, total loser.
Accuses people of cheating with no evidence.
by Buddha July 28, 2003
when an imposter steps up on the turn tables.
Yo dawg check out this flyer, this jam is gonna be off the hook. P-plus is going to be spinning bro. Naw shyooot... look closer... that's not p-plus that's a 'white flava' dawg... :|
by buddha April 07, 2003
putting desiel in your gasoline fueled car and straight fukkin up the engine.
Yo dawg, I went to Sunoco today straight rex-cal'd my car... desiel and unleaded gas aren't the same?? daaamn... what a trip.
by buddha April 06, 2003
Another word for a "Bowl Hit".
A: Ill pack a tub dubbler if you do.
B: Werd.
by Buddha March 17, 2003
poor quality marijuana (low THC content per cm^3).
i don't want to buy any of that shwack; it won't get me high.
by buddha March 23, 2005

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