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Scots- "ya bass" is a shortened term of "you bastard" said by many Glaswegians usually in an aggressive tone.
"mon ya bass, i'll fuckin' do you!"
by Bud Mizzleroy September 19, 2005
Another name for buckie or Buckfast tonic wine. Famous drink found on the streets of glasgow and the whole of Scotland especially Coatbridge which is the official buckfast capital of the world.
here mate, gie us a blast on you tonic swine.
by Bud Mizzleroy September 29, 2005
A scottish term for an area know to be inhabited by jakies'.

Also a term used to describe a shady area or place.
Man this place is the definiton of Jakie Town i tell ya.
by Bud Mizzleroy September 19, 2005
Giggletown describes a situation where you are having sex by giving a women a piece of your gigglestick.

Giggletown can also be a description of a place you have sex such as your bedroom.

Giggletown can also be a state of mind.
hey baby, i'm gonna take you to giggletown!

"Come on down to Giggletown"
by Bud Mizzleroy September 19, 2005
A very cheap and nasty white cider that you can usually find in you local offey. the name is give as 'frosty jacks' the name of the cider is commonly know as a jakies drink.
awright man, wanna got into haddow's and get a couple aw bottles of frosty jakes'.
by Bud Mizzleroy September 19, 2005
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