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20 definitions by Bud

a vagina that has not been cleaned in over 2 years
"dont ever go out with rosemary, shes an icky puss"
by Bud June 21, 2003
9 3
one who loves licking in all forms of sexual intercourse
"that bitch cindy s a fuck licker"
by Bud June 21, 2003
16 10
having far too much manic energy
all ferretts are by nature yampy
by bud June 06, 2003
17 16
an old annoying jewish man or woman
get that f***in dibick out of my house
by Bud June 21, 2003
5 5
a sexual disease given by a woman to a man by sexual intercourse
" I got a carry-over from that bitch Cara"
by Bud June 21, 2003
1 1
a vibrator
A powertool is a dyke's best friend.
by Bud December 12, 2003
6 9
an insult used against a child who is a mommas boy/daddy's girl and a big pussy
who cant defent themselves
"steven you little fetus monger! I hate your face!"
by Bud June 21, 2003
3 6