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Term used by law enforcement to describe individuals (usually addicts), who find and/or gather the raw materials for their dealer to make more drugs.

Most commonly used in the methamphetamine trade, where "smurfers" visit pharmacies and purchase small quantities of cold/flu tablets to provide to a maker ("papa smurf") of the drug.
Alice: See that girl? I always see her at the local chemist, purchasing Sudafed.
Diane: Really? She's probably a smurfer.
by buckonz September 21, 2010
When you throw an Intimate Pity Party for someone, you're allowing them to have sex with you. Usually it's for a good friend or an ex, because you feel sorry for them, not because you really want too.
Jane: "What did you get up to last night?"
Kelly: "Brad stayed over."
Jane: "What!? You two are back together!?"
Kelly: "Nah, he just lost his job and is pretty down about it."
Jane: "So, an intimate pity party then?"
by buckonz August 30, 2008
The "Ho Chi Minh Two-Step" is to be unwell and have diarrhea, making you run to the bathroom.
Dave: You wanna come out tonight, man?
Brad: Nah dude - would love too but I have the Ho Chi Minh Two-Step.
Dave: Damn, what did you eat?
Brad: I had some left over Chinese takeaway - I think that set me off...
by buckonz November 05, 2009
When the performer of fellatio has false teeth and removes them to allow the gums to come into play.
Kelly: So, you want a blow job.
John: Hell yes.
** Kelly removes her teeth **
John: WTF!!??
Kelly: What? You never had a valveteen rub?
by buckonz March 05, 2010
This term is usually used when someone had just heard some good - often unexpected - news.
Dave: Guess what?
Mike: What?
Dave: When I went to get us tickets to the 'Stones gig, the girl at the ticket booth was an ex girlfriend of mine in college!
Mike: So? Big deal!
Dave: She gave us 'Platinum' grade seats and we only paid for 'Silver'! How do you like that!
Mike: That's excellent! My nipples are hard, dude!
by buckonz February 27, 2010
The Schwarzenegger Effect is used to describe a situation whereby someone wins an award or is selected for preferment, based on reputation and not by results.

The background to this phrase is based on the generally accepted opinion that Arnold Schwarzenegger won his 6th Mr. Olympia title on his reputation and not because he deserved to win.
Bob: Man, you had a tight car stereo installation! Well done in taking 2nd place in the 'Auto Sound Off' contest!
Dave: Thanks man, but I really thought our team should have won and not Mike!
Bob: That's the Schwarzenegger Effect dude - you know Mike is the man around these parts!
by buckonz November 04, 2008
Someone who fully supports Apple products, without hesitation and regardless of obvious shortcomings in the offering.
Dave: "Gee Mike, you're in late today!"
Mike: "Yeah, I had to fight my way through the iFaithful lined up at the electronics store around the courner, waiting for the 3G iPhone to be released!"
by buckonz July 10, 2008

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