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Slang phrase for smoking marijuana. From the movie Super Troopers wherein the troopers are messing with some stoned college-aged kids that they've pulled over on a highway. Lt Ramathorn asks them if they know why he pulled them over and they reply that they don't know. Ramathorn then starts saying mto them, "Littering aaannd... Littering aaannd..." several times and then finally says "Littering aaannd......smokin' the reefer."
"What are you doing, Dude?"
"Not much right now - just littering and..."
by Bucko McCane May 07, 2007
Penis with a large, swollen, purple head due to being constrained in a bondage device. The head (glans penis) turns purple and swells from lack of circulation. While it doesn't flatten like a cobra's hood, the head does swell so it becomes larger similar to a cobra's hood.
He put the cock ring on too tight and now he's got a purple cobra.
by Bucko McCane April 29, 2006
During sex, when a woman is on top and she moves up and down on a penis she moves up far enough that the penis is out of the vagina then she drops back down onto it repeatedly. This can be a dangerous move because if the penis is bent instead of reentering the vagina it can cause serious injury.
Damn, that chick was hopping up and down so fast and hard on my cock that she did a flying cougar.

She was on top and so wild that her flying cougar made me cum like I never have.
by Bucko McCane December 11, 2006
Hand job given to another person under a table or desk.

Since flags are supposed to be hauled down during rain a flagpole under a protective cover would protect a flag from the rain. Since a flagpole could be an analogy for a penis a penis under a table/desk could be likened to a flagpole protected from the rain - 'rainy flagpole'.
Prudence totally gave me a rainy flagpole during the morning meeting.
by Bucko McCane March 29, 2009
Based on Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Pilgrim + Pimp = Pilgrimp

One of the character classes in Warhammer Online is called the Witch Hunter. His gear (clothing, armor, etc) is modeled after colonial US era Puritans/Pilgrims; at higher levels the gear gets more visually elaborate and resembles that of an US 1970's era Pimp: Pilgrimp
That WH is so high (in level/Rank) he's a Pilgrimp.
by Bucko McCane October 24, 2008
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