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6 definitions by BuckWheat

Nipples, (normally associated with women) that are unusually puffy, and as such, are very suckable.
Big "puffies" always give me a chubby.
by Buckwheat July 21, 2003
Actually means a dizzy cunt, one seemingly not in touch with things. Spaced-out, even dim. Relates to post-rocks off condition. Of course, one would have to have observed a woman in that condition to make the connection, probably only a distant possibility for the wankers and rump rangers posting here.
you cum-drunk motherfucker, watch where the fuck yer going!
by Buckwheat April 01, 2005
A Jamaican immigrant to Canada or a Canadian national of Jamaican descent.
I just read Malcom Gladwell's new book... that guy is one talented Jamaicanadian!
by buckwheat February 06, 2013
Three cool gals that are VERY fine! Best friends for life and are jackasses 24/7
Arin, Emiley, and Stacey are the Stoogettes for life..
by BuckWheat March 28, 2005
A face covered in semen.
My favorite memory from my previous marriage was the major nutface I inflicted on my ex-wife.
by Buckwheat July 21, 2003
Short for **OrIgInAl CoW gIrLs**
Emiley Stacey and Arin are so OCG..
by BuckWheat July 25, 2004