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Having a finger/fingers in an asian girl, but going in a circurlar (clockwise/counter) motion
That asian piece of ass dropped her panties and I gave her an oriental stir fry and then she love me long time
by Buck Walter April 13, 2011
A combination of Satan and Hitler. A person who is an absolute asshole. This person, does not have to inflict bodily harm, or cause physical damage, but mostly psychological and emotional trauma. This person, however, may be friends or close to the person he or she hurts. A big bad evil wolf in sheep's clothing. This person is also a manipulator and wants to rule with her iron fist. This person is also old, perhaps post middle age, and is old and crusty, jealous of younger adults.
Tonya was in the hospital for surgery and I wanted to get her dinner to-go from the annual Church Dinner, but Darsha said no take outs. "That's the Rule" I said "yes, but this would be an exception. Tonya is getting major surgery and I'd like to bring it to her". So Darsha calls back and says "That's absolutely not possible, but I can give you $20 for a meal card or something from Bob Evans". I said forget it and hung up the phone. Wow, what a Shitler.! old hag, washed up hag, old bitch, old witch, crusty old hag
by Buck Walter January 19, 2016
A person who visits people in hospitals/care centers etc, and checks on people. They do this, not for the person, but to make themselves look good. These people are mostly fake posers who have mastered the art of fake smiling and bullshitting. Most of the time they use God, Jesus, or any other form of deity they like or believe in. They may not even be religious at all, but at the core, are there for themselves, and only themselves. Also, the people they visit, do not necessarily know the chaser. This can occur often since elderly people do not who who the person is. Also, this person is most likely greedy as well.
Jim went to visit the hospitals again and went from room to room to see the injured and elderly. He's such a tragedy chaser.
by Buck Walter February 01, 2015
,A person who takes a picture of a person taking a selfie. They can be anywhere when someone is taking a selfie. The person taking the selfie has no idea that they are being photographed by the ninja. This is not a photobomb---the ninja is not in the selfie, so position is key.
"Hey man, check out the hot piece of ace! Whoa, she's taking alot of selfies! I'll stand right here so she won't see me and take some pictures ! "

"Stand over there so she won't see you. You can be a selfie ninja! "
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by Buck Walter July 25, 2016
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