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4 definitions by Buck Neeley


Someone who has different abilities.

People who do the same jobs as other people, they just do them differently. Quicker, more efficiently.
They do things differently from the way I do, yet they're still able to get the job done. Diffable crews seem to be the new normal, and I like it!
by Buck Neeley August 21, 2011
When someone has a limited ability, then they are diffable.

Different + Able = Diffable
We will all refer to the people with Different Abilities, as being diffable.

The world needs to stop labeling children with diseases as 'dis-' -anything.

Stop 'Dis' -ing the Children! They have enough to deal with.
by Buck Neeley May 28, 2011
In reference to a gay gentlemans' boyfriend, mate, or partner.
In a conversation the other day with my mother I told her about my new queers queen. As a queers queen would say, I love my gentleman.
by Buck Neeley December 05, 2010
Casanova + No Game = Casanogame.

When a someone tries to be a Casanova *romantic* and fails horribly, they have then proven that they have No Game.
This guy came up to me at the bar *nice smile* made eye contact, started to open his mouth to talk - nothing - and walked away.

When I first seen his smile, I thought 'here comes a Casanova,' until he couldn't find a single thing to say.

Now, he'll forever be that Casanogame guy to me.
by Buck Neeley June 21, 2011