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The greatest city in the greatest state in the greatest country in the world. New York has everything that is good. New York city is home to refreshing diversity, great sports teams, great food, and great people. Fun and exciting, New York has variety. From enormous skyscrapers and bridges to mountains, wide rivers, and beuatiful beaches. If you had a choice, why whould you live anywhere else?
New York, birthplace of biggie smalls, and home to the defending super bowl champion Giants.
by Buck Foston March 30, 2008
A Lazlian is someone who is REALLY LAZY.
I saw a Lazlian playing video games today when I was dumb zooted.
by Buck Foston March 28, 2008
Car abuse is the term give to the manner of driving in which the car is pushed to the limits. Car abuse includes driving at insane speeds, burnouts, and drifting.
"You you wanna go car abusing? Last time I did the biggest burnout eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever.
by Buck Foston March 28, 2008
The act of smoking marijuana. A derivitive of blazing.
Yo you wanna blarz? I got a dutch.....and T's haze!
by Buck Foston March 28, 2008
A Napkota is someone who likes to blaze and immediatley Fall Asleep right after he finishes. A Napkota can Fall Asleep in a variety of locations, mainly anywhere. Napkotas enjoy a large meal befpore falling into a deep slumber.
I saw on Napkota sleeping on a log today. He was dumb zooted.
by Buck Foston March 28, 2008
A New York style blunt. Rolled with a dutch masters dutch.
Yo you wanna smoke a blount?
by Buck Foston March 28, 2008
A tiny city in massachusetts that has no diversity. they have pride in their historically shitty sports teams (Red Sox= 2 world championships in 90 years, Patriots=cheated during all 3 of their superbowl wins). The people are mostly assholes, and they are proud of that. They also still use "wicked" as an adjective, although the rest of America stopped doing so in the 1980's.
"I'm fram Baaahstan. (Boston)" Go Rad Sax. Tam Brady is wicked awesum. I gotta go pahhk my caaaaa."
by Buck Foston March 28, 2008
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