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2 definitions by Bucas Loverrrrrrrrrrr

To hang out, get crunk, and have some kind of erotic pleasure.
Sean: "Hey gurl, wanna chill?"
Leah: "Yeah, baby, you know it"
Sean: "Girl, I have the KY and the White Goose"
Leah: "Baby, tongihts gonna be awesome"
by Bucas Loverrrrrrrrrrr April 24, 2006
4 13
Not showing up to some place, when you said you are going to.
Blaine: "Hey, you coming over to chill?"
Stephanie: "Yah, I'm on my way"
~6 hours later~
Stephanie knocks on window of Blaine's house
Blaine: "Hey girl, I thought you were flossing"
Stephanie: "Deeeude!! I'm deff. not a flosser!!!"
by Bucas Loverrrrrrrrrrr April 24, 2006
7 46