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3 definitions by Bubby J

The best band to ever play music and they supported the use of cocaine. David Byrne is a romantic poet and should become your conscience. Their music is the ultimate aphrodesiac.
"Stop making sense, stop making sense...stop making sense, making sense
I got a girlfriend that's better than that
And nothing is better that this
( is it? )"
by Bubby J December 10, 2004
127 63
An honorable title which can only be acquired when one reaches the state of self-enjoyment to the extent where that person can carry out a party on his own, enjoying himself and not knowing everyone else left. The parties continue even after the keg runs out and marijuana always enhances the experience... Hey! Play some modest mouse. If you give this person any shit, be ready to get your ass kicked.
The one and only Arthur Aiken. PARTY ON
by Bubby J December 12, 2004
5 2
one who is a... see nympho
MMMMMM i like boys with large penises
by Bubby J December 14, 2004
1 1