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2 definitions by BubblesTheDynasty

A cartoon that involves sexual activites. In hentai, there are several categories of each person.

women: normal= has huge perfectly round breasts with nipples not too large or too small, usually has sex wit men: normal, plot wise, usually hesitant but becomes a women: slut

women: slut= has sex with every single thing imaginable (cactus, tentacles, pillars, objects that in reality should not fit such as lamp poles) and/or takes bukake everywhere, can have huge perfect breasts but usually has g cups that remain sexy (anime law, if u love hentai most hentai women will remain hot) for dramatic effects

men: normal= has penis that is much larger than what they should in reality and can cum conseqtively, which does not happen in real life, emotionally can range from super horny, shy, and just does it whenever situation calls

men: evil sick horrible bastards= anime men who enjoy rape or extreme sadism, examples include sticking hot metal sword hilts into holes, druggings, and rape (basically stuff u find in snuff films but not real)

children: capable of posessing body genitals that are 10x bigger than what they should be, ie. a kid wit a 10 inch wang, sometimes anime will keep them realistic with a 2 inch pencil thickness cock that for some reason elicits moans from a extremly well endowed woman who should theoretically not be able to feel something that is hair sized
OMG That hentai involves tentacles entering every single hole imaginable, inclduing the nose!

Ur first time watching hentai huh?
by BubblesTheDynasty June 01, 2007
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One of 2 actions:

An action taht occurs when someone is drugged or forced into sexual activity

An action taht occurs when woman tell someone they want to have sex but change their mind half way while the guy is already inside.
The following is a typical example of a woman's courageous "almost raped" story:

I was almost raped in a bar last year. I had a couple drinks, then a guy came up to me and we started talking. Later, he asked "Do you want to have sex?" and I said "yes". We went back to his place, got naked, I sucked him off, and just as he was about to place his penis in my vagina, I screamed "OMIGOD YOU SICK FUCK!" and called the cops. He's currently serving a 10 year prison sentence.
by BubblesTheDynasty June 01, 2007
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