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to tell unbelievable lies, nonsense; to bullshit openly
He likes to brune. He tells people he's rich and successful, but everybody knows he still lives with his parents and has never had sex, though he's 35.

When his wife walked on him with another woman he bruned up.
by bubbles13 April 03, 2013
to brune up somebody - to fail in trying to fool a person; telling made-up stuff ithout knowing you look like an idiot.
When his wife walked on him he bruned her up.
if you ever brune up a policemen, think of who can bail you.
by bubbles13 April 03, 2013
A much cooler way to say persuade.
I had to fachuade my mom to let me bring my phone with me today.
by Bubbles13 March 07, 2010
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