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2 definitions by BubbleGumGangster

The reality of Union College is a mix of the above stories. Lots of rich folks but some middle class. Crazy partying, lots of drinking, coke is not in short supply but not everyone does it. It's a 4 night a week party, Monday booze where you live, Wednesday bars & small parties, Weekends Frats, house parties, bars everything. Mad fratty but frats def aren't the only game in town.
Lots of nerdy people but certainly the coolest, bacchanalian nerds to walk the earth.

The campus is gorgeous especially in Autumn and Spring and tho the snow is pretty too but gets old real fast.
Schenectady is a dump but a dump with character.
Certainly live for brunch @ West
No shortage of preppyness but a variety of styles are on showcase - Impeccable Style
The Place Exudes Class & Tradition
For those who have a problem with Union, Union doesn't care so keep it yourself
Work hard and play harder is the Union Motto
by BubbleGumGangster August 28, 2010
is a word for Pot. non-alums of Strath Haven High School probably don't know this word in this usage but don't be afraid to use it.

Also used as a verb - to pank - to get high

- pank'd = high etc.

you get the idea
Yo man you get that pank?

Yeah lets go get pank'd

Sheeet man that was sick pank, let's go grab a tub of rita's and house it

by BubbleGumGangster August 28, 2010