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Refers to a very nasty skank who looks good up top, but whose personal hygiene is lacking down below. Usually starts at the belly button, which emits an unpleasant odor (warning!) that continues through the vaginal and anal region. Often accompanied by a creamy, fishy goo emanating from the pooner with skid marks and various items hanging off their butt hair (which may be dreded). I.e.: they get nastier, stankier, and completely foul the farther down you travel. Similar to the NJ Turnpike.
Dude1: "I was going down on that chick I hooked up with at the bar last night, but it got so foul I had to turn around and go home."

Dude2: "Aw, nasty dude. She got that New Jersey Turnpike stank!"
by Bubba Fly March 09, 2007
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