96 definitions by Bubba

2 of the homies spit roasted this biznitch last night
by Bubba May 10, 2004
(v) To stab, wound, eviscerate, gore, impale, and so on with the military armament of the same name.
Alex was sworded by an irate bus driver.
by Bubba December 15, 2004
It's when a white man sticks his penis in between his legs. It looks like a rabbit is coming out of his ass.
Hey pete! You want to see a white rabbit?
Yeah Cool!... Awww man, that's gross
by bubba April 13, 2005
1. a somewhat cool girl with an unusually large butt.
2. a bhaand
That girl is pissing me off, she must be a Maham.
by bubba January 31, 2005
the physical act of alternating penetrating open hands up another's rectum, usually done in hate. best depicted in the classis latino film "dos manos en su orto."
wow, did you see that judo chop
by bubba March 24, 2003
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