12 definitions by Bub

to go diagonal or accross something
You know that bale of hay is about cattywompus fron Wilborn Creek.
by bub January 19, 2005
The art of love-making
"Baby me"
"Lets get down with the babying"
"Baby, we need a baby, baby me"
by Bub May 08, 2004
to go diagonal or across to a certian place, or diagonal from something
them dadgum pack of em wolves are about cattywompus from Wilbourn Creek.
That sasafras tree is round bout cattywompus over there.
by bub January 20, 2005
group of people who drink recklessly,and have generally bad jugement.also known as alcoholics.
You can tell by the bloodshot eyes and the day-old beer smell that those guys are all in the Century Club.
by BUB May 10, 2003
a goat keeper. scot colloq. abbrev. for dingwaller
I dont know what Mark does for a living, i think hes a dinger.
by Bub October 09, 2003

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