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When you Party like a ROCKSTAR and the party don’t start till you get there. Spend your rent and food money on alcohol. For those who don’t just black out for a night but for a whole weekend. For those that have been carried into a room when you pass out in the hallway in the middle of a house party. If you can still party at other schools knowing your ass has to go to class/work at 8 am the next day. When the girl you wake up to in the morning isn’t the one you remember sleeping with. To regretting certain parties to forgetting certain city’s. To the dirty deeds done to the ones you wish you can do again. To those who live this life studying hard and partying harder, and having the scars to prove it. From drinking 40oz before finals and still getting A’s to being the swingman at a party and hooking up with the javalahut friend with the short arms. When the group you party with isn’t just a group of friends, but a Band of Brothers and the term "Are You Down?" doesnt apply to you. And you can still look back and be like, “I Love My Life, I DO I DO, I Love It with a Passion? that’s when you know, its all Gamma Life to live this Great of ours.
bro1: dang last night was crazy
bro2: yup, puro gamma life
by BtownTweeka August 12, 2009
the act of sippin at a steady pace in order to continue sippin all day and sometimes all evening as you people watch (preferably fine ladies) and you realize the world keeps rotating as people go about their business as you see them go to and from class, to and from the gym, and to and from the library, and when they come back late at night....youre still sippin. Bleezies are usually involved and it usually goes down on sunny days. grillin is not required but encouraged.
bro1: dang foo, you've been steady sippin' all day??
bro2: aaayyuuuuup
bro1: go to class foo
bro2: maybe
by BtownTweeka August 17, 2009
to hit up the liquo sto', buy some 40z, some grape flavored swisher sweets, hit up Mi Pueblo in East Oakland, park the ride and chill for a few minutes making good use of the car's ash tray, finally go inside to check out the tenderonies, fill the cart up with carne asada, freshly made tortillas, some $25 buchanas with some pineapple juice, a few 12 packs of Pacifico, get some pan dulce for the ride home, hit up the bros and the breezes, start up the grill and enjoy the sunny afternoon.
Hey bro you trying to go to class today? Na, lets q it up!
by BtownTweeka August 12, 2009

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