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The cause and solution to all of lifes problems.
Cause: Hey man, im sorry that i fucked your wife, and crashed your car and ate all of your pizza and pissed on your dog.

Solution: But, i can go pick you up some beer tonight, and we can hang out at my place.
by Btabs July 01, 2010
Probably the worst site ever created, though, it is a very good cure for boredom. You could have no friends in real life, while having 3,000 friends on myspace. you can be 50 years old and say you are 16 on myspace.
Hey jack, what are you doing tonight?

oh, you know, just jacking off to the picture of jensyn on myspace living 1500 miles away from me.
by Btabs July 01, 2010
An example of succesful alcoholics, a bad ass band who i want to get drunk with.
Kings of Leon, truely are kings.
by Btabs July 01, 2010

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