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(noun) The mischievous sexual act of a male ejaculating on to a woman's face while it is covered with her own hair, thus creating the image of a hairy ghost. A move best utilized when the woman does not want or expect it.
My boyfriend just gave me a hairy casper...thats the fifth time I'll have to shower today.

My boyfriend thought the salon gave me a cheap dye job so he gave me a hairy casper.

I ran out of hair gel, so i got my boyfriend to give me a hairy casper.

She escaped from my alligator fuckhouse, so i had to punish her with the hairy casper.

My girl tried to scream, but since i had just given her the hairy casper, all i heard were the bubbles.
by bswizzle September 07, 2008
Very large, fat lips. Generally on people who look like a fucking frog. (Big Eyes). Usually indicates that this person is very stuck up and annoying. Don't hesitate to slap this person so fucking hard there lips become detached.
*Walks into room*
" Hi, my name is teretha."
"Wow, your potato lips are big and really obnoxious."
by Bswizzle February 11, 2012

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