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The greatest flash animator on the planet and creator of the Madness Combat series, quite possibly made of pure win.
Gob - "Madness Combat sucks, the creator must be fail and-"
Jebus - "Gob, STFU, he might hear you."
Gob - "WTF can he do? I'm Gob!"
Jebus - "Dude, Krinkels made the Madness Combat series"
Gob - "OSHI-"
by BrynTheSkits March 19, 2007
a noob on runescape, noob! from poper59's brother
Magika Elite - "Legolas 2762 is so noob"
Zazima - "Hell Yea"
by BrynTheSkits December 08, 2006
A kickass flash artist, 1/2 Mexican.
"OMG, that flash animation Texmex just made is win!"
by BrynTheSkits March 19, 2007

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