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2 definitions by Bryman!326

The Sidekick of Luck you Always pray for on those days you need just something to smile.

Will appear and grant you 1 wish. sex related and Hand you a fresh cabbage for you to munch on .

Usually found in London waterloo station selling big mac's
" i got hit by a car.. luckily the ping tao munchkin turned up just before i died. and i managed to save myself. also he handed me this. Great tasting cabbage. Thank god for the Ping Tao Munchkin"
by Bryman!326 August 08, 2009
A Thin Strip of Pubic Hair which is surprisingly deep
and surprisingly tasty

good resting place for the ping tao munchkin and works great with sides of Cabbage and Clentchweed
mate. i was eating out my girls little big cabbage right.. soo nice!!!
by Bryman!326 August 08, 2009