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Someone who makes awkward statements like. "All the trees are the right size.", like Mitt Romney did at his speech in Detroit.
I didn't think anyone could out -moron George Bushes' gaffes until this Mittiot came along.
by Bryce Morganthau March 04, 2012
When a person is trying sooo hard to be inconspicuous, that they look suspicious.
Although she had a restraining order against him, he stayed behind the dumpster, waiting for her to come home in an inconspicious manner.
by Bryce Morganthau May 18, 2011
A woman who would support a man who by all accounts has no respect for women. Based on Newt Gingrich's marriages and desertion of sick wives.
I can't believe she took him back after he drained her bank account and cheated on her. She must be a real Newt-case.
by Bryce Morganthau March 04, 2012

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