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4 definitions by Bryce King

Pussy so good, that you must have it again.
Joy has that comeback pussy. I can't get enough of it.
by Bryce King April 01, 2007
68 30
To emotionally tie your partner down in a relationship.

(Not to be confused with any sexual act).
Ted: Sorry, Mike. My girlfriend made plans for next weekend, too.

Mike: Man, we never hang out anymore. She has shoelaced you, and you don't even realize it.
by Bryce King January 22, 2011
10 1
A man who is basically overshadowed by his female partner. People know that he exists, but could care less about him.
Dan used to receive a lot of press about his career, now that he's dating that uber famous movie star, he's been steadmanized. Where is he anyway? Who cares?
by Bryce King August 12, 2008
7 0
One who is not only intelligent, but gives the best blowjobs.
My girl gives great head and is incredibly smart; but when I think about it, she's always been a brainiac.
by Bryce King September 08, 2007
20 28