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A town east of Tampa in Fla. It's a nice place, but you wouldn't want to stay there forever.

Walden Lake is just a bunch of cookie cutter homes copied and pasted in an orderly fashion. Walden Lake East is just a bunch of houses with no real neighborhood name.

We have a pretty bad high school, whose colors are teal, orange, and black. And we lose almost every game.

Downtown is historic, but is mostly made up of a bunch of churches and shops that run out of business, get taken over by another person, and run out of business again. Although my father has a nice law office there too.

We're apparantly called the winter strawberry capitol of the world, which is better than nothing. We also have a strawberry festival, which is just a huge fair with rides. It also comes with a building called "The Arthur Boring Civic Center", which just has rocking chairs and flagpoles on display/sale.

We also have enough illegal migrant workers to pick a bazillion strawberries, so I guess you could call it an advantage.

We do have gangs like Sur Trese and stuff, but they'll never bother you. So don't sweat it.

That's about it...overall a pretty cool place for visiting.
Plant City is a cool place to grow up, but you'll end up killing yourself in the end from an extreme case of boredom, generally by the age of 25.
"Hey, are you from Plant City?"

"Yeah, but I'm about to move to USF/UF/FSU because there's nothing left for me here!"
by Bryars B May 20, 2007

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