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Someone who claims the existence of a deity.
by BryanJ October 19, 2003
A noun to indicate a male whom is missing no part of his penis.
Sam is intact
by BryanJ October 07, 2003
A adjective to indicate a male who is missing no part of his penis.
Bill has an intact penis.
Bill is intact.
by BryanJ March 03, 2005
A person who listens to only the current popular music, regardless of its quality. Some are likely to criticize those who hold interest in any music outside of the mainstream.
Al-"Fuck man, no one listens to the shit you listen to."
Steve-"Shut up Al, you're such a music slut."
by BryanJ October 18, 2003
A take off of the expression "…over my head". Used to describe a joke that was so crude and/or immature, that it's not funny.
Al- "HAHAHA... fuck, that's funny shit."
Steve-"Sorry, but that joke went under my head."
by BryanJ October 18, 2003
A slang for foreskin.
Lara sucked on Allen's dickhood.
by BryanJ August 06, 2003
A sexual act which is done to a man during oral sex. The person giving oral sex puts his or her tongue on the end of the glans, then pulls the foreskin over his or her tongue, followed by rhythmic rotation of the tongue, giving the receiver intense pleasure.
"Sally, I tried that hooded french technique, it drive drove Hal off the wall!"
by BryanJ August 20, 2003

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