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To be a little more political correct.
Unmixed blonde, have yellow hair, blue eye. Skin texture is somewhat yellow to dark yellow orange color, not to much hair on body, little thin hair on eye brows.Many may have many freckles on body arms and face.Usually heavy mixed with southern Euro's(Whites), probably more than what South American Indian are mixed with Spanish(Whites, usually brown hair brown eyes,) decent.Since millions are mixed, usually they refer to themselves as whites, only having blue eye with dark hair or blonde hair with brown eyes. Blonde hair with blue eyes are sometimes reffered to as blonde,Ethnic Identity just white for simplicity sake.
Becuase of TV brought the world closer together, there is more of a subliminial agreement that these two groups are in the same race and ethnic Identity, since both groups have same Head structure, rounds eyes, thin lips, big hands, long legs long arms. Both groups know each other differnece .Now that there is hair dye, as well contacts, hair color and eyes color is not really see as significant.

Many variations under Blonde race(caucasian). Could just be seen as tribes. Some are big with a full milk complexion, some are small diffrent complexion showing more of a yellow color and thiner head structure. Many countries under caucasian, and every country could say, you look armenian, you look Italian, you look German, you look Spanish, you look Russian, but all just under one race name, Caucasian
by Bryan1 July 22, 2006

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