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To dodge an incoming object with great speed and agility. Best if only used to describe somebody dodging something without moving their feet, similar to Neo dodging the agent's bullets in the first Matrix movie.
Let's say that someone throws a basketball at your head and you dodge out of the way by leaning a certain direction, being sure to not move your feet. You have just matrixed the ball. You may now say, "Dood, I matrixed the hell out of that!"
by Bryan Ward November 08, 2006
A face you make, after you make a sarcastic comment, to show others that you are just kidding.
Girl: I'm sick. Can you make me some chicken soup?
Guy: Fuck no! *kidding face*
Girl: Hehe, you're so cute and funny and sexy and hot and I wanna do you right now so bad! omgwtfbbq!
by Bryan Ward November 21, 2006
A winky face utilizing the right bracket rather than the right parenthesis.

Often used as a kidding face in a chat room or forum to show others that you are just joking around.

I choose to use the bracket because it's more original than the played out parenthesis smiley.
Guy: Hey what's up?
Girl: Nothing. I'm going crazy!!
Guy: Yeah, that's because you ARE crazy! ;]
by Bryan Ward November 21, 2006
A text representation of a winking face usually seen in Internet forums and chat rooms.

A winky face could be, but not limited, to one of the semicolon combinations below:

by Bryan Ward November 21, 2006
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