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1.To tie,fasten or otherwise secure in a manner that is nearly impossible to re-open. making it easier to tear into the thing than to try to un-open the thing.

2.To lock or fasten all hours of the day
1. Somebody jimhilled this plastic bag with 4 knots so i just tore it open on the side

2. Get me the plyers, somebody jimhilled this 2 litre closed

3. Ring the doorbell the garage door is open but they got this front door jimhilled and its only 1:30 pm
by Bryan Tinsley April 19, 2008
An object, task or event that is so big or difficult that you know if you attempt to solve or tackle it , it will choke the shit out of you, leaving you in worse shape than when you started
-" Mr. President the natiional debt is just too monstrangulous to do anything about it"

-"Dude, your t.v. is monstrangulous, it will never fit down the basement stairs"
by Bryan Tinsley April 05, 2008

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