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1 definition by Bryan Regan

He is one of the best Superstars in WWE history. He is a United States and a 3-time WWE Champ. He has beaten them all to a triple threat match with shawn micheals and kurt angle two good stars and beating HHH at Wrestle mania 22 by making him tap. And beating one of the best Ecw superstars in a extreme lumberjack match which was Sabu and made him tap. At Unforgiven he beat Edge in a tlc and edge was the master of the tlc match and was undefeated and then lost to make John Cena a three time champion. Then made a Movie called The Marine. He is the fastest uprising superstar in the WWe history and if u gotta problem of wat i say fuk off. He is the best the only ones tht are better are the rock stone cold and hulk hogan so fuck off cena haters ill kik ur ass.
John Cena is a 3 time champ.
by Bryan Regan January 04, 2007