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This phenomenon involves investing time into a serious or important conversation with a coworker while your back is turned to him or her, and, while you are still talking to this person, they leave the room unbeknownst to you, leaving you feeling frustrated and foolish. "Paul" comes from the High Norse verbs "Pa": "to vanish into" and "uhl" (later after Visagoth invasions of Northern Europe spelled) "ul": "land of shadows and dust."
Scene: Locus en Munus
Paul: "So, B, how was your weekend?"

B: "Pretty rough, man, my mom died, my wife left with our dog, and then I had to drive to Houston to switch out my Dad's oxygen tank and colostomy bag, and then..." (realizing the room is eerily quiet, B turns to find Paul absent; crestfallen, a single tear rolls down his cheek. He had been pauled yet again).
by Bryan Pope December 29, 2006

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