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Accidentally shooting your friend while hunting (usually while drunk.)
Hunter A: "Oh man, I accidentally shot Jethro the other day while we were hunting!"
Hunter B: "Damn! I know he's a total jerk, but no need to pull a Cheney!"
Hunter A: "Yeah, you know how I can get when I'm plastered."
by Bryan Gosselin July 12, 2006
Literally, "infuriating entertainment". This word was coined by Bryan Gosselin in Oct 2008 to describe the U.S. Presidential "debates". These sham debates (like almost all others) are infuriating to those who know the truth, but at the same time are entertaining to watch. "Infuritainment" doesn't specifically have to do with only the fake elections, however - it can be equally applied to other things like commercials, reading the newspaper, peoples' blogs, etc.
"Tonight's fake debate is going to be pure infuritainment - get the popcorn ready!"
by Bryan Gosselin October 15, 2008

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