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A pill/capsule that is a CNS Depressant (Central Nervous System) with similar properities to barbiturates, and similar addictive and withdrawal properities. It was quickly pulled from the markets in the USA as a result of wide-spread abuse, although it did enjoy a number of years as a near top-selling sedative/hypnotic before being made Schedule I and thus banned in the USA. Worldwide it is a Schedule II controlled substance under international law and thus available by prescription in most nations...

Quaalude is a brand-name for methaqualone (C16 H14 N2 O)... In other words, Methaqualone is a downer, a depressant, similar to barbiturates in most every way, although probably more addictive.
Quaalude, "Lude," Methaqualone.
by Bryan From Ohio December 21, 2005

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