110 definitions by Bryan

1. The slang term for "Head". Which means "Blow job"

2. Used by Pharrel in the song "Drop it like it's hot."
I got a "hizzead" last night.
by Bryan November 23, 2004
A rare form of Canadian Martial arts practiced by grizzle men to attrack the rare Brown eyed Gosse.
ive been kunufing all day.
by Bryan December 25, 2004
pamphlet written by Thomas Paine when the Constitution was originally written
common sence can be found at your local library
by bryan November 13, 2004
JOSH a bright tall fat male
omg fucking josh i cant belive he did that
by BRYAN October 25, 2004
1)Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight
2)Excellent; wonderful
brittanie cwiklinski is beautiful
by bryan March 21, 2005
tripple cock slap IN THE FACE
oh shit he got pujouaed in da face
by bryan January 18, 2005
Used by coach Torence williams simply asking you who are you with!

Can allso be used to answer the original question
Me:"with you fo sho"

by bryan November 03, 2004

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