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110 definitions by Bryan

Its basically Walmart but bigger. Walmart is usely found in places where a lot of wffs are. To bad Walmart is coming to urban parts of NY. Super Walmart attracts more wffs than regular Walmart.
person#1:To bad they are makin Walmart to a Super Walmart.
person#2:Yeah, its ganna attract more wffs.
by Bryan April 24, 2005
8 3
im leavin, bookin, etc.
person#1:yo i'm bouncin
person#2:Peace, stay strong, one.
by Bryan April 19, 2005
9 4
white fat fuck. Its white people that go to McDonalds everyday and are very fat and they have to walk like a penguin because they are so fat. You will mostly find these people in places were there arent any side walks and everything is so far away and they have to drive ever wear.
"EEEWWWW. Look at the WFF!"
by Bryan April 12, 2005
33 28
Somebody that has no penis. Or an insult to imply that one has no penis.
Dude, Jared is such a no penis.

Hey Jared, no penis for you!
by Bryan February 10, 2005
25 20
Oink pig, a classic pig
That's a nice oink pig you got farmer joe
by bryan February 04, 2005
5 0
Used to notify how funny or not funny a statement is. Typically ranging from 0-100. Positive and negative based on the comment.
Trojan Mannnnnnnnn = somewhat funny, so +1-10 range.

I like anal beads. (if used literally) is very negative and will yeild at least a -25 banter point
by Bryan November 29, 2004
6 1
Vodka mixed with orange/pineapple juice on the rocks.
It'll take about a dozen screwdrivers to get me wasted.
by bryan February 15, 2004
6 2