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The device that Bill Gates will use to gain troops to help him achieve the status of being the Anti-Christ.

You see, in every X-Box, there is a secret timer that is set for a specific date and time, and at that specific time, all people who are playing X-Box will see a screen that will convert them to be Gates' minions. They will be the first warriors that Gates will have, but he will soon gain more.
Person 1: I got a X-Box!
Person 2: Don't play it!!! You will become part of Bill Gates' plan to take over the world!
Person 1: Oh...Mom, take me back to Best Buy, I need to return my X-Box!!
by Bryan June 06, 2005
This kind of beast rules the underworld of livid, vivid sexual theatrics. It is one who watches porn by day, up to 60 pornos that have been saved in the deps of his personal computer. By night this death walker watches their roomate talk to their girlfriend for hours planning on ways to shut them up. It is a person who has extremely intense sexual frustrations that are heightened by his lifestyle and environment in which he lives.
I was walking down the hallway when out of the corner of my ears I heard the wild yelp of a chained sieh monster. I opened up the doo and there he was planted in front of his porn ladden computer like a deer in headlights.
by Bryan April 18, 2005
The way one's penis looks after exiting the pool.
Man, my dicks like a stack of buttons right now.
by Bryan November 19, 2004
The region located at the back of your head. Usually used when one feels pain or hurts the back of their head.
Aw man, I just got punched in the back face.
by Bryan February 10, 2005
Caps that preppy teen girls wear. Usually say "Von Dutch" or "John Deere" or something to that effect.
No one takes trucker caps seriously, they're a fad that will be gone in a month or two. Take it off.
by bryan August 05, 2004
no dice; no go; not available

derives from days of hand-computed fantasy baseball stats. overeager owners (ie. steven blank) would call and hound the commissioner for the latest league statistics. one time, a flummoxed commissioner tony picked up the phone and screamed "NO STATS" before slamming it back on its cradle.
no stats on the movie tonight, i have to work.

no stats on the chronic, my guy wasn't home.
by Bryan April 16, 2005
A ancient dragon warrior that represents hilarity.
Haha. Dude, that's so zoltron.
by Bryan February 10, 2005
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