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a better way of saying "MOVE!"
i can't think of an example...
by bryan February 04, 2005
1. An overweight female that if she lost 60+ pounds she would be fuckable.

2. A girl that everyone fucks but would never admit.

3. Any girl that brendan has been with

4. A game to be played at a party where a friend punches his friend in the arm when he sees an aforementioned slampig
1. Did you see that slampig?
Who didn't?

2. That slampig? No way I'd fuck her!

3. Brendan.... come on man.

4. Slampig, no slam backs!
by Bryan November 19, 2004
a word to describe someone or group of people who act like idiots
Americans are war mongering assholes
by bryan June 09, 2004
To get pulled over by a pig, po po, (cop) goin extremely fast.
"Dude you got poned!"
by Bryan October 13, 2004
Fingering my ass while jerking off lefty
Person 1: Whatcha up to?
Person 2: fmawjol
by Bryan November 19, 2004
what Bill O'Reilly tells his viewers not to do in their emails. see pithy

what O'Reilly says is his job.
No bloviating. thats my job ----O'Reilly
by bryan October 03, 2004
The idiotic mayor of Baltimore.

Doesnt give a crap about the city.

Only cares about running for governor or senator in '06 and/or '08.

Loved by The Baltimore Sun
Martin O'Malley is a pompous ass mayor. He should not be reelected ever again.
by bryan November 04, 2004

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