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Its another way of sayin holla but better.
person#1:peep out those fo fos.
person#2:They on point.
by Bryan April 19, 2005
see propaganda

this album is pure propganda for the liberals.

The album is very anti-conservative and anti-Christianity.
It's a sad thing when this is portrayed as music.
by Bryan February 25, 2005
What the harlequin fetus says when it pops out.
"Hello, world!" said the bloody, scabbed fetus.
by bryan May 24, 2004
rhymes with clam chowda!
router rhymes with clam chowda!
by bryan November 27, 2004
You can tell who's doing a gansta lean by how stupid they look in there cars. They are almost in the passenger seat while driving. This looks even funnier when the person is driving a crappy car like a Grand Am or some Ricer car.
I saw that kid driving his riced out Eclipse and doing a gangsta lean so I put up my finger for him. He then procedded to turn around and catch up to me by the next stoplight. I then beat his ass down in my American Camaro.
by Bryan January 28, 2006
The action of liquid coming out of one's nose when made to laugh.
Susan snerked her milk when Johnny made her laugh at the joke.
by bryan July 07, 2004
Beta is French for Humongous Genetals. The renaissance brought many things to humanity aswell as a word for a big penis. They pronounce it an "o" instead of the "E" in Beta.
I played with my Beta all day , so now I am Le tired.
by Bryan March 27, 2005

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