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The larger, usually handicapped-accessible, stall in a public restroom.

Aptly named for its luxuriously spacious accomodations, the suite is the prime location for mid-afternoon restroom breaks at work or school.

Almost exclusively located on the end of a bank of stalls, the suite ensures its occupant the utmost privacy, as he or she will never be subjected to more than one adjacent occupant.
After Jim had three 'El Grande Guapo Burrito' platters for lunch, he headed straight for the suite -- any other men's room stall just wouldn't do.
by Bryan May 18, 2005
1. Master of Ownage

2. Prone to saying such phrases as: "OWNED!" or "IN THE FACE!"

3. Able to hurl multiple object as you at high velocities.
"Dude, that guy pulled a Schuyler Van Buskirk on that honkey mofo!"
by Bryan December 02, 2004
A woman's hairy genital area. Called this because, like a bowl of oatmeal, it looks all nasty but tastes good if you don't look at it. See also Oatmeal.
Sandra lifted her skirt to reveal a hearty bowl of oatmeal beneath.
by Bryan August 27, 2003
When you're inside a wet pussy and you get her to touch one side of the socket and you touch the other, so it arcs across the genitals.

Similar to the Electric Bob.
Sparks shot outta that pussy when I did the welder on her.
by Bryan April 18, 2005
A vagina that resembles a grilled cheese sandwhich.
I was about to eat that bitch out but when I got down there i spread her lips apart.... it was like a god damn grilled cheese sandwhich, man!
by Bryan November 19, 2004
you must see Hillary
she has to much of it in her(or him)!
by bryan October 14, 2004
Excellent, ideal or awesome.
"Michael, the meal was Iddhabucka good"
by Bryan May 29, 2004

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