110 definitions by Bryan

an eqivalent to the number 9
Person 1:"What's the sqaure root of 81?"
Person 2:"NINER!!"
by Bryan December 12, 2005
When you're inside a wet pussy and you get her to touch one side of the socket and you touch the other, so it arcs across the genitals.

Similar to the Electric Bob.
Sparks shot outta that pussy when I did the welder on her.
by Bryan April 18, 2005
you must see Hillary
she has to much of it in her(or him)!
by bryan October 14, 2004
Excellent, ideal or awesome.
"Michael, the meal was Iddhabucka good"
by Bryan May 29, 2004
Someone who is just quite annoying, and usually does not have a clue. Most commonly used for AOLers, but can be used for just about anyone.
Sheesh, Cale is such a lametard.
by Bryan May 22, 2004
Nasty, ugly, fat BITCH.
boy#1: Look at that big WFF!
boy#2: Nah man, thas a Mack Truck!
by Bryan April 15, 2005
see fnuck and add -ing, besch!
That is so fnucking smurf!
by Bryan January 27, 2005
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