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The larger, usually handicapped-accessible, stall in a public restroom.

Aptly named for its luxuriously spacious accomodations, the suite is the prime location for mid-afternoon restroom breaks at work or school.

Almost exclusively located on the end of a bank of stalls, the suite ensures its occupant the utmost privacy, as he or she will never be subjected to more than one adjacent occupant.
After Jim had three 'El Grande Guapo Burrito' platters for lunch, he headed straight for the suite -- any other men's room stall just wouldn't do.
by Bryan May 18, 2005
Banter brackets are used to label actions and quotations. denotes actions. () denotes quotes. When they are used incorrectly negative banter points will be given.
"Why you Little" (in homer simpson voice)

chair swivels, Lav seen running from cube
by Bryan November 29, 2004
-A variation of Ass-Hat used to describe a person that acts in a way that is so completely non-sensical that the person cannot be described in any other way.
-The word used to describe someone that resembles the epitome of of an Ass, someone that is a symbol and a standard by which all other asses are judged.
You Ass-Flag!
That chinsy bitch was such an Ass-Flag.
Why do you always act like such an Ass-Flag?
by Bryan July 20, 2004
When one is completely screwed financially or in any other manner
Dude your car got stolen...that's hood welfare (aka hood poor)
by Bryan February 24, 2005
Traditionally flocked with feathers, the inherently evil Turkie is an inhabitant of the Turkie Valley. Turkies are predominantly scavengers, and traditionally possess razor-sharp claws, however appearances have been known to vary wildly. Sexually promiscuous by nature, males traditionally determine rank by the size of their gobbler. Turkies are know universally as the only known natural enemy to the Creature.
"Oh no; it's a Turkie!"
by Bryan November 20, 2004
talking with your friends in a humourous manner when in a serious situation
i was shooting the shit at the funeral, and got shot in the face.
by bryan October 27, 2003
1. Master of Ownage

2. Prone to saying such phrases as: "OWNED!" or "IN THE FACE!"

3. Able to hurl multiple object as you at high velocities.
"Dude, that guy pulled a Schuyler Van Buskirk on that honkey mofo!"
by Bryan December 02, 2004
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