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A mutual and permanently undeveloped relationship between two people, usually resulting in an epic 'friends with benefits'. It is characterized by half-hidden kisses, constant spankings, and body groping. Sometimes kicked off by the guilty partner that dropped the 'just friends' line, a flirtationship can be easily spotted when you hear "get a room!" and "just go out already!" jeered in quick succession at two corresponding peoples. Perfect for men and women of all ages afraid of commitment.
After weeks of constant jeerings of "get a room" and "just go out already", followed by a steamy night in the backseat of a car, Sally realized that her flirtationship with Billy had evolved into a full on 'friends with benefits'.
#undeveloped relationship #mutual flirting #uncommitment #friends with benefits #hatationship
by Bryaan July 27, 2007
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