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3 definitions by Brutus Wellington

When sweat runs down a gunt and accumulates on the bottom, creating a disgusting yellowish goo, similar to the way stalactites are formed.
"You might want to scrape that gunt drip off; you'll get gunt stalactites!"
by Brutus Wellington July 10, 2008
A girl who is especially skanky. Like a salad, she is a mix of many different parts, in this case, of the skank variety.
"Can I interest any of you skanksalads in a piece of manmeat?"
by Brutus Wellington July 15, 2008
used as a form of insult to the deadliest degree
"Holy fuck! Is this Italian sideburn hair?"

"You bet your cube shaped balls it's Italian!"
by Brutus Wellington June 27, 2008