2 definitions by BrutalSheldon

A religious leader, often catholic, who engages in sexual activity with minors. Often used in a humorous context.
Watch out for Father Bad Touch down at the church.
by BrutalSheldon April 30, 2008
An act of necrophilia closely related to munting where a small object or animal is inserted into the sexual orifice of a rotting corpse, then the corpses stomach is jumped on, forcing the decomposing insides out of the plugged orifice, and launching the small object or animal high into the air. The act of Munt Cannoning is often followed by Munting.
I just got back from the cemetery where we made this awesome Munt Cannon out of a tasty corpse. That chipmunk must of flown half a mile out of her rotting asshole.
by BrutalSheldon April 30, 2008

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