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1.Well, gift raping, now that is something that Santa Clause has been fighting for years, you see it is lonely at the North Pole and the elves make those dolls, that are to them life sized......so the they, do stuff to them........or, it Could mean a present from inmate 13427645 aka bubba.............

2. To get gift rape on Gaia Online I would suggest going to the Gambino hat store, buying the gift box hat and then post "I am Free" over and over again in the chatterbox. If that doesn't do it, I don't know what will.

3. When you recieve a gift, ie. an ugly ass sweater, and are forced to wear it when ever you see the giver.
An example of gift rape:
Taeha: You'd think if someone wanted a gift of rape, it'd actually be consentual, and therefore, NOT rape.
xD Quite the paradox!

Procrastination Girl:maybe someone thought it was a good gift to give someone, and the recipient disagreed!
hmm... i wonder if that applies to non-sex gifts as well... like say your grandma gives you an ugly-ass sweater, and you have to WEAR it the next time you see her. are you being GIFTRAPED?
by Brusier September 30, 2006

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