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When you and your friend impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Chris: "AHHHHHHH, Get the fucking chopper down now, I'm Arnold Schwarzenegger not a girly man like Stalone. Dominique get down, it's the end of days but I'll be Back."

Boss: "Hey Chris quit Arnold Schwarzenegging and get the fucking back to work."
by Brunnerman March 27, 2009
When you drop your joint in beer and have to put it in the toaster oven on low to bake it.
Oh no! I dropped my doobie in my beer, put the fucking toaster oven on low. BING, cool our Toaster Doobies are ready.
by Brunnerman February 14, 2009
A chick that wants to fuck you but you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole!
Man that ten foot pole pussy is all over me, this party is a drag.
by Brunnerman March 27, 2009
The complete oppisite of a blowjob.
Chris: "Ah man Brenda just gave me a Bitchjob , It makes me feel as if the last blowjob I got is now null and void. Man am I ever the complete oppisite of happy."

Shawn: "Dude I fucking hope you pull through, this my friend is a sad sad sad moment."
by Brunnerman April 02, 2009

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