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A gentlemen's erect love muscle
Gary teased Sharon with his twitching truncheon before slipping it in, much to Sharons delight
by Brucey Big Bonus August 30, 2012
Long handled spoon, usually metal, kept on the person and wielded by an unavailable or prudish woman to deter men from intercourse. In all cases the spoon is brought down hard on the top of the chap's truncheon - very effective at turning wood to putty.

Also commonly found on matrons/teachers touring the boy's dormitories after 'lights out' at boarding schools, to stop any cases of self-love that maybe occuring.
Margaret: "Goodness gracious Reginald put that away before it feels the sting of my temperance spoon."
by Brucey Big Bonus August 30, 2012
{Colloquial English, from East-End London}

A gentleman who enjoys riding in another man's dirty hole. Usually less intelligent than the closely related Marmite Miner.
Ben "C'mon Dave show me your arse"
Dave "Get off me Ben, you cave jockey"
by Brucey Big Bonus April 16, 2013

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