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Virtuoso fellatio performer.
Presidential spam flautist Monika Lewinski lied in court again today, yet privately hoped she would be found out, as the whole point of the exercise was that she wanted to simply be catalogued in history as someone who blew the President. <Mindless cunt>
by Brucester September 13, 2006
A critical and sometimes expensive condition whereby a builder goes off at a tangent and does something you didn't want. Why is it called, "Non specific"? BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T SPECIFY IT !
Opens door, "Oh no what's that?" Why have they done that? When challenged the builder will start his reply with, "What I thought was" You will think, "I am a victim of Non Specific Builderitis"
by Brucester April 10, 2008
Someone who is perfectly aware that you are filming or taking a shot but justifies walking right in front of the camera. (Especially if you are shooting something important.)
I was videoing my daughter in a race at school sports day,
just as she reached the finish line some perfectly cuntogenic individual walked in front of me by less than a meter.
by Brucester May 26, 2007
The act of drinking from a vessel but returning some or all of the liquid back into the vessel.
"HEY! don't Gob Wash it you filthy chav, how can we have some NOW."

"When you go up for communion, make sure that ***** is behind you, I reckon he Gob-Washes the chalice."
by Brucester September 16, 2006
'Pseudo Good' is an event that you feel good or happy about but only because it has deceived you into thinking it is good. The good was only a possibility - but it turned out to be nothing.

Pseudo Good is the opium of life, it keeps you positive, it usually does not amount to 'actual good' but by then you have forgotten how lame the Pseudo Good was and you happliy swallow the next load of Pseudo Good, just like a gold fish biting at nothing because its memory is too short to remember that nothing doesn't taste of anything.
I'm so happy that x girl at college is starting to be friendly with me! - Six weeks later she blanks me because she only wanted to get a lift with me to classes. It was only Pseudo Good.

I'm so happy - the boss wants a meeting with me next week about the managers job - Turns out he just wanted me to cover the vacancy until someone more experienced replys to the job add. It was only Pseudo Good.

I'm so happy x company wants to buy our stuff, all my hard sales work has paid off!! - turns out that their previous supplier had put them on stop due to non payment because they have no money and now they are going bust owing us thousnads and we are probably going to go bust too. It was only Pseudo Good.

I'm so happy - I've just voted for a new government - (Insert outcome here)
by Brucester May 11, 2011
A term you may have previously used in business to describe a cash bonus on appointment, not in this instance though!..........

The sudden deluge of warm sweet smelling regurgitated SMA Gold infant formula that runs down your neck and shoulders during 'burping' - usually followed by a smile. It's what you get for being lazy and trying to get the whole bottle down without 'burping' mid way.
"Darling, has Jemima been fed" "Er-nope, not exactly she's
just had a golden hello"
by Brucester September 13, 2006
No....not a mis-spelling. A day of the week upon which you should be afforded rest and relaxation, but due to the fact that you have three children under four years of age you spend that day packing a despatching shit pastys into the nappy bin.
"Hey come on, I've done six today already - you have a go,
I'm just having a brown fudge sunday and bugger all else"
by Brucester September 16, 2006
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